Our Belief

To us, sustainability means safeguarding our future viability.

As a leading pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong, our responsibility to society starts with making quality, trusted medicines that make life better for the public. And by doing this well, it allows us to extend our reach and deepen the impact of our corporate responsibility efforts, strengthening the communities where we serve and care about.

Our Commitments

As a corporate social citizen and a health journey partner, we care about the wellbeing of our patients and the communities we touch.

Jacobson’s corporate social responsibility goes beyond our contribution to environment by striving to make efficient use of energy and to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products

We also seek to support healthcare and education initiatives. Engagement in community activities and education sponsorships is also a tradition of our core community care mission. We have sponsored a number of local universities, non-profit organizations as well as sports events.

We are committed to making a difference in our society by keeping our ‘care’ mission rolling.